18+ ONLY Bikini Baristas EXPOSED (Sexy Bikini Try on)

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Have you been to a bikini barista stand? Enjoyed a strip tease and a latte? Want to? Thinking of working at one? Brittany is exposing all about her time as a bikini barista in a very sexy outfit. She gives you an insider perspective on the job, talks about her experiences, what she did and shows off some outfits she wore on the job. And about those outfits, let’s just say wow. They’re even hotter than the panty reviews you know and love.


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Video Transcript:

Hi guys. It’s me again, Brittany, aka Pistol Purps back at it again. Today I’m coming back to you guys with kind of a little special fun video I wanted to do for those of you who haven’t maybe followed me for a really long time or are just new to kind of seeing who I am and what I do. I used to be a bikini barista. I still do coffee now, it’s just not a bikini barista anymore and I’ll kind of explain that a little bit as well. But I wanted to talk to you guys about bikini barista job because it is a very fun job. It can be very rewarding if you’re good at your job and you know how to make coffee and you’re very social and you’re friendly but just to kind of get the little gist of it, basically you kind of wear outfits like this and I’ll kind of go more in detail a little bit later and kind of show you a couple outfits. And kind of what I would have chose to wear and what I chose to wear kind of daily. I switched up my outfits all the time, so I have a bunch, but besides that, let’s get into the video.

So, bikini barista, it’s very fun. You get minimum wage and then you get tips, so most of your money is your tips so you basically want to up sell and push sales as much as possible to try and get that customer to order like the biggest drink, the most expensive drink. With the bikini barista jobs that I worked at, the drinks were kind of set already high priced because you’re kind of seeing us half naked if not fully naked at some of them, so that’s already a treat you get that you don’t get obviously at normal mom-and-pop coffee shops or Starbucks or anything like that. You actually get to see, you know, a lot of us so that’s why the drinks are more than you going to like Starbucks and getting like a $4 mocha, you know? You would pay, like, ten dollars for a mocha and then it would go up based off of, like, the size that you were getting so that was one thing that is different if you guys didn’t know because you are paying to see that barista naked if not half-naked or you are paying for them to maybe do a little show for you. So, you are paying, and then, with that being said, the shows, you can do shows like twerk your ass and things like that to kind of get that extra tip money. I know I definitely did partake in that because I did want that extra tip money.

I actually ended up making a lot of money. The only thing that I would say about bikini barista is it’s not consistent at all. The reason why is because they rely on that money and when I mean they, I mean the owners. So, the owners of these shops are all about money. So, if you’re not providing money for them, if you’re not bringing in revenue, if you’re not bringing in returning customers, they’re gonna let you go. Easy-peasy, done and they’ll fill in another bitch. That’s just kind of how it goes in that industry so it’s really not reliable, you don’t get benefits so, that’s another thing. So, it’s like, if you guys are wanting to do this and make sure you make a lot of money as far as like tips goes because you will not be getting benefits and you do get minimum wage. And then, just, I worked at three different bikini places and I’ll tell you out of the three that I worked at, the last place I worked at, and I’m not gonna give you guys names or anything like that, the last place I worked at was the best out of the three, but by far, it was definitely an experience for me.

I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to it. Like I said, I am in coffee. I’m just not doing bikini barista. I work at Starbucks actually so that’s what I do. I still do coffee. I just don’t do bikini barista. There’s many reasons why. I’m kind of not gonna get into that, honestly, personally. Just because, I don’t know, could be people that watch this channel that I used to work with or whatever. The owners and this and that so I just don’t want to say names or kind of going into detail. It’s just, my time had come to an end with that job and it was a fun rewarding experience. Some ups and downs but honestly, it was a really good experience and I’m glad I got the opportunity to do that…

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